Outdoor table football

Tempered clear crystal structure, 9/16″ mm hick, with beveled and cerium oxide-polished corners.

Playing field in Corianders. Available in pure white.

Players made of aluminium: one team white epoxy powder coated, the other black epoxy powder coated. Artisans have applied a face on every single player.

Chrome-plated brass handles and scoring units. Chrome-plated brass joints. Goals with polished stainless frames and handcrafted black nets.

Certificates of authentificity, variety pack of foosballs for different styles of play, instructions and tools for assembling and maintaining the product (including a special lubrifiant for a smoothly flowing game). Designed for outdoor/indoor use.

Adjustable feet for uneven ground. The telescopic rods are made of AISI316 stainless steel, a type is highly resistant to corrosion and commonplace on matches (installation kit for yachts available separately). Rod ends featuring two layers of shock absorption. Rods are equipped with a special, self-lubrificating bearings so that they slide back and fort quietly, smoothly and quickly. Quick mount handles in chromed brass that fit perfectly and can be removed and replaced. Thick crystal structure increases the game’s speed.

Place of Origin
L 140 W 74/174*H92 cm
Crystal, Chrome- plated brass, Aluminium