A native of Roubaix, France, Hervé Taquet first came across ceramics at Sunday morning flea markets, while hunting for comic strips. Regularly coming across pottery from Vallauris, his curiosity for this art gradually found its way into his heart, until in 1990 he decided to buy his first pieces. Finally, in 1999, Hervé Taquet decided to learn the basics of ceramics at a local association, and then returned to Lain for a 9-month apprenticeship in 2005. After buying his first kiln (in 2000), ceramics gradually took over from his work as an industrial employee. Back home in 2005, Hervé Taquet opened his first workshop, still working double shifts between his job in industry and his passion for ceramics. It was in 2012 that the artist decided to fully embrace this art and became a ceramist, leaving his native north to settle in the Nièvre region. In 2016, Hervé Tauqet made his first official appearances at various ceramists’ markets and exhibitions throughout France.

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