A French ceramist born in 1923, Mithé Espelt was immersed in the world of art from an early age by her father, a woodcarver. Following her studies and the start of her career at Nathalie Pol’s Atelier Lydia Chartier, she quickly took over the management of the studio, where she created gilded ceramic buttons for haute couture houses, perfecting her mastery of the use of gold, which would follow her throughout her career. Mithé Espelt gradually abandoned traditional pottery to devote herself to creating a collection of small everyday objects and feminine accessories such as mirrors, jewellery boxes, buttons, key rings and others. Her husband, Maurice Figère, a lawyer by trade, gave up his profession to help her in her work. Together, they gradually built up an artistic life filled with travel, nature and culture, which would be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Mithé Espelt. Mithé Espelt’s world is joyful, colourful and poetic, embodying the discreet luxury of everyday life.

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