Julien Capron is the grandson of Jacotte and Roger Capron, the great ceramists of the second half of the 20th century. Although lulled by the crackling of ceramic kilns from an early age, Julien Capron did not immediately devote himself to the art of his grandparents. After graduating from business school and 7 years of loyal service in a banking establishment, Julien Capron decided at the age of 34 to indulge his passion for beautiful things. Although he inherited the art of ceramics, it was wood that he first decided to sublimate, and he quickly trained with the masters of the highest standards, the cabinet-makers of the luxury yachts on the Côte d’Azur.

Julien Capron perfected his skills with a CAP in cabinetmaking, which he obtained in 2015. Julien Capron then gradually turned to ceramics when he was looking for a material to marry with wood, giving birth to his first creations intertwined with wood and earth. His work is a delicate jigsaw puzzle of wood and ceramics. His creations are set against a backdrop of black lacquered wood, walnut or even oak, with ceramic inclusions in a palette of shimmering colours, playing on the contract between brilliance and opacity of the materials.

Based in Vallauris, he now works in his own studio, creating unique ceramic pieces inspired by earthenware.