As a colorist for her husband Roger Capron, Jacotte Capron was quickly drawn into the world of ceramics, on which she applies tints and shades to create unique harmonies. In 1952, Roger Capron bought the pottery from Font des Horts in Vallauris and created objects there for gift shops and decorative panels with seven workers. It’s then in 1955, that he married Jacqueline Hubin, known as “Jacotte”, who became his collaborator.

“Having always been the colorist for my husband Roger Capron’s creations, I was trained very early on to play with the characteristic hues and nuances offered by ceramics. This experience led me to construct abstract compositions that allow me to create harmonies by juxtaposing dark colors and light colors, matte and shiny, bright tones and broken tones. The cooking then takes care of bringing me the results of these exercises.” Jacotte Capron