Mithé Espelt, a French ceramicist born in 1923, grew up in an artistic environment thanks to her sculptor father. After studying sculpture and drawing at the Fine Arts School of Montpellier and the Fontcarrade School of Artistic Formation, she began her career in Paris, specializing in golden ceramic buttons for high fashion. In 1946, she returned to the Camargue region to establish her own ceramic workshop, initially known for its pottery before focusing on jewelry distributed by Souleiado. Her work then shifted towards everyday accessories, particularly for newly enfranchised women, without signing her creations to preserve her anonymity. In 1951, she married Maurice Figère, who assisted her in her artistic work. Their life as artists was filled with travel and inspiration, embodying a cheerful and colorful universe characterized by shades of pink, blue, and gold. MITHÉ ESPELT worked until 2000.