Daniel Dereck and Loïc Bailliencourt, the DALOs, have always been artists, but when they started playing with clay… “That was the trap. This archivist and scientific researcher weren’t artists for long once they got their hands dirty. But passion is little without knowledge and technical mastery, so they each took practical as well as theoretical training courses, and have been creating together since 2007. While the infinite plasticity of the material allows for all kinds of creative experimentation, it’s the 50s to 80s that inspire their shapes and glazes. Their four-handed creations follow in the footsteps of the French ceramics tradition, echoing the work of Georges Jouve, Pol Chambost and Jean and Robert Cloutier. The figurative lines initially elongated and purified to become the ancient and ethnic face of the Idol, a recurring figure in their contemporary work reminiscent of the prehistoric idols of the early days of ceramics. The ancient yet modern face of the Idol vases has won over enthusiasts and collectors the world over.