French contemporary artist François Gangemi was born in Antibes in 1961. This region of southern France lulls him between the warm lights and vivid colors discernible in his work. His paintings blend different colors and materials, expressing his vision of the world with gentleness, reverie and poetry. Her paintings bear witness to a precise gesture in which the fine features of a woman’s face slip beneath the wings of a dove. He uses a particular technique that combines acrylics and pastels on supports such as newspaper covers as well as kraft paper, which adds substance and texture to his canvases.
His luminous, harmonious works reflect the cheerfulness and joie de vivre of the landscapes of southern France. His style, inspired by artists such as Pablo Picasso and Jean Cocteau, revolves around a fascination for the feminine and a joie de vivre reflected in the color contrasts and intensity of his work.